SPURS Rope cutters - a positive solution to an age old problem

Spurs use the propeller's rotation and inertial force to power the cutting action. As the offending line enters the propeller vortex, it is wound toward the propeller hub. (Without SPURS installed, the line would wind itself tighter and tighter, entering into the space between propeller hub and rope guard) The line is engaged by the rotating cutter blades and delivered to the stationary cutter blade. The sudden resistance sensed by the stationary cutter forces a cam action which causes the blade to be pushed outward, meeting the rotating blade and severing the obstruction.

To pick a right model of  shaft-mounted SPURS cutters you can use our calculator.

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Advantages of Spurs rope cutters:


  • Cuts lines, weeds, and nets
  • Eliminates dives to cut prop-fouling lines in freezing or high seas
  • No more costly commercial "down time" for repairs
  • Prevents the need for Coast Guard towing or expensive commercial towing
  • No more shafts or struts torn loose that can sink your vessel
  • Avoid expensive haul-outs, dry-docking, and diver's charges
  • Prevent burnt bearings and engine overload repairs
  • Cuts line with each revolution (forward or reverse), with no loss of speed or efficiency
  • Fits shaft sizes 3/4" to 7". (Metric sizes 20mm-175mm)
  • Made of hardened stainless steel
  • Don't leave the dock without "SPURS" protection!


How Spurs works?


Inspection of a Spurs rope cutter system after one year of use: