EcoSeal -  a seal for the future

4443The EcoSeal has been developed to satisfy a growing demand for an environmentally friendly and efficient seal which can overcome the deficiencies of radial lip and mechanical face seals.

EcoSeal takes the best features of our USMP and Newark seals and adds in the very latest technology to create a double barrier rotating mechanical seal which can be supplied in cartridge form, and in either solid of fully split format. The design we have created provides so many solutions to the problems that exist with other seal designs.

  • No oil leakage to the surrounding environment
  • No water ingress into the stern tube oil system
  • No parts rotate against the shaft liner, therefore lifetime guarantee on the liner
  • The option to retrofit using the existing shaft liner
  • The option to adjust seal interface pressure from inboard
  • Any fluid transfer into the seal casing can be drained inboard
  • Can be fully split for ease of maintenance
  • The design compensates for any thermal expansion or hydraulic pumping of the shaft line
  • Tested to 50M depth
  • Fully compatible with all EALs and Bio-Oils

Rolls Royce review about EcoSeal: