HYDROSEAL (1)Marine sealing systems is one of the specializations of Propulsion Equipment. Our seals are used in many applications including fixed pitch (FPP) and controllable pitch (CPP) propulsion units or as part of a thruster system.

When you need a shaft seal system that keeps your vessel at peak performance, and won’t let you down, you can count on Propulsion Equipment. We offer seals for both solid and hollow shaft configurations, as well as thruster unit seals.

Primarily designed for the inboard sealing of open system water lubricated shafts the HydroSeal is a compact and reliable mechanical seal manufactured from the latest materials to ensure a long service life even in the most arduous conditions.

The Hydroseal can also be used for the outboard sealing of a closed system where there is a requirement for abrasion resistance and ease of repair, for example, dredge pumps.

Apart from reliability and long life the HydroSeal is, like all our seals, designed for easy maintenance and repair. The seal has a static housing with an integral flushing water inlet containing an inflatable seal which allows for servicing afloat. In addition the rotating part consists of a self-lubricated seal face which is split for ease of maintenance.